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After game listings went live early in the Epic Games Store, NIS America and Falcom have confirmed that four games are in The Legend of the Heroes series are localized for the West. The Legend of the Heroes: Paths Into Reverie (which is the English name for Hajimari or Kiseki), The Legend of the Heroes: Paths Of Zero, The Legend of the Heroes: Paths to Azure a The Nayuta Myth: Unlimited Trails all coming to PS4, Switch and PC. Check out their trailers below.

Also despite being leaked through the Epic Games Store, all these titles will be available on PC via Steam and GOG as well. While Routes Into Reverie, Routes to Azure a Legend of Nayuta all out in 2023, Paths From Zero out in Fall 2022. More importantly, NIS America is partnering with fan localization group The Geofront, using their localization of Zero a Azure as the basis for the official statements.

It’s all good news for fans of the Trails series, though the wait will be long. Meanwhile, the latest title in the series Legend of the Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki will release in September for PS4 in Japan. Falcom recently unveiled two new sub-characters – Elaine and Rene – along with the LGC Alignment System. Visit here to learn more.


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