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Series creator and director Masahiro Sakurai also assures that the next DLC fighter will be out in 2021, as per schedule.

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Ultimate Smash Bros. you are welcome Tekken’s Kazuya Mishima to her huge and growing roster of fighters today, and of course, a new platform, new music tracks, and additional content like new Mii fighters will accompany that. Kazuya is the game’s tenth DLC fighter (or eleventh, if you count Piranha Plant), with one more fighter left in Fighters Pass Vol. 2. But what’s next Ultimate Smash after that?

During yesterday’s stream detailing the newest piece of DLC for the game, series creator and director Masahiro Sakurai reiterated that the next DLC will be the last one for Ultimate Smash Bros. Ultimate, and also assured that the DLC will arrive before the end of the year, on schedule. When Fighters Succeed Vol. Announced 2 in early 2020, Sakurai confirmed that this would be the last DLC for the game, so this is no surprise. If you were hoping that plans have changed since then, though, they haven’t.

“The next DLC fighter will be the last one,” Sakurai said in the stream yesterday. “There will be no more after that. It will be a while before that announcement, but it will be available this year as planned, so be patient. ”

By the time the next DLC fighter is out, Ultimate Smash Bros. it will have just shy of ninety fighters in its roster, and will have had support for nearly three years after launch. That’s incredible support after the launch for a game that was already packed with content when it released, so I’d say Sakurai and his team gained some rest.

Last year, when he was asked about a future Break, Sakurai said that once the game’s DLC is wrapped, there is no “guarantee” that it will continue to make games. Read more about that throughout here.

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