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In its latest financial report, Atlus revealed that Persona 4 Gold on Steam – which is a revered 2012 RPG port – has sold 900,000 units. However, those sales figures were only up to March 31st 2021.. A new tweet from Atlus West confirmed that the title had actually sold over a million units for PC via Steam.

Although the original game was launched in 2008 for PlayStation 2, it would release for the PlayStation Vita in 2012 as Persona 4 Gold. The latter is more beloved overall thanks to its new story content, Social Relations, Personas, costumes and much more. On PC, the RPG can run in full HD with support for up to 60 FPS.

Japanese and English voiceover are supported along with Steam Achievements and Trading Cards. Nor does it hurt that the retail price is only $ 19.99 (and is currently discounted as part of the 2021 Steam Summer Sale). It could Persona 4 Golden success on the Atlus PC trigger to bring other titles like, say, Royal 5 Person or even Portable Persona 3 to the platform? Time will tell so stay tuned.


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