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Much like its predecessors, the action RPG offers a sleek anime-esque opener with Alphen, Shionne and more seeing action.

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Story of standing_02

In a recent official announcement, the development team for Bandai Namco’s Story of the Rise features the starting RPG and theme recognition. It features Alphen, Shionne and other party members along with the importance of the NPC that has been revealed so far (including doing the sword trick to provoke her). Check it out below.

Story of the Rise the story of Dahna and Rena, two worlds at odds because the latter defeats the former. Alphen hails from Dahna but has no memories (and for some reason, can’t feel any pain). He soon meets Shionne, a native of Rena who hits someone who touches her and is able to use the Astral Artes. They began their journey together, struggling with injustice while also getting to know each other.

Alternately, Story of the Rise features to redesign the series’ methods, introducing elements such as Counter Edge and Boost Strike to boost combat. Set to release on September 10, it’s currently working for the Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC. Stay tuned for more details now.

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