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The four-minute video sees Alphen and Shionne’s party battling against random monsters. A battle against a tankier foe is also showcased.

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With the official show start animals and themes for Story of the Rise, Bandai Namco also reveals new gameplay of the war game. The developers have already discussed some of the new additions like Burst and Boost Strike along with Counter Edge but we’ll see them in action here. Check it out below.

Lots of Tala stop systems are still in place – you can change Artes by flying to attack special vulnerabilities for enemies. But overall, there are plenty of opportunities for evading and counter-attacking enemies. The attacks by Tandem and other party members also feel much better, as seen as Alphen writes to Shionne for a protest before the follow -up. We also see Alphen’s Mystic Arte in action, which deals tons of damage.

Story of the Rise is set to release on September 10 for Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and PC. To see other people ’Mystic Artes, head here. For a closer look at other people’s parties, check out this pull from the Summer Sports Festival.

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