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Arc System Galue ‘ Take care not to be guilty opened last month and did well for itself with 300,000 units worldwide shipping and sales statistics. The home builder is still busy with the title especially since its first DLC appearance is coming later this month. But how does it look like a cross?

In a recent interview with Comunidad Arc System works i Tumblr, The builder shared some details on the current levels of crossplay. “Yes, we’re still trying to implement this, and we’re looking at evidence for it. But there are still a lot of useful issues like arrangements and running costs of the same servers. It’s taking a little longer to be possible. then a firm announcement will be made. ”

Cross-level gameplay has just been confirmed between PlayStation players and those on paired PCs which is being abandoned (although it is seen as the highest equal number of top players on Steam since its release). Given all the work that should be happening about balancing, bug fixes and other new features like Combo Maker, it will probably still be a while before crossplay is added. Stay tuned for more details on that front now.

Take care not to be guilty currently available for PS4, PS5 and PC. Check out our official review ii.


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