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New gameplay trailer rolls out for Poker Club as pricing structure revealed

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We’ve been seeing all manner of goodies come out of the Ripstone Games stable in regards the upcoming Poker Club in recent weeks, but today things start to get real – as not just a pricing structure is confirmed, but a brand new gameplay video from the Game Director is in place for perusal.

As previously confirmed, Poker Club will be dropping its hand on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5 with full cross-gen purchase support and Smart Delivery come November 19th. What we now know though is that it’ll come it at a very reasonable asking price too – a mere £19.99/$24.99/€24.99 across all platforms. That is low enough to get anyone even vaguely interested in taking to the table involved. And yes, that Nintendo Switch edition is still planned, it’s just if you prefer that route you’re going to have to hold tight till 2021.

With the next-gen well in place by then, on PC, Xbox Series X and PlayStation, Poker Club has been engineered to make the most of next-generation hardware and features, boasting 4K visuals at 60fps, with advanced rendering techniques including hardware-accelerated ray tracing. To prove it, Ripstone have prepared a new video that showcases fresh Poker Club gameplay emulating the final visual target for the Xbox Series X hardware. You’ll find the Game Director Phil Gaskell providing commentary and playing a few hands as the video takes players through an overview of the game including its features and mechanics. You’ll also get to see the incredible visuals and immersive first-person viewpoint Ripstone are incorporating into Poker Club:

“On consoles we worked with Sony and Microsoft to ensure anyone buying Poker Club for their chosen platform will have access to the game across generations. This was very important to us as the game also supports cross-generation online multiplayer,” said Phil Gaskell of Ripstone Games. “This kind of convenience for our players is really important to us as a developer and publisher, particularly while we transition into a new console generation. Our fans can know that pre-ordering the game now will automatically entitle them to play Poker Club on all Xbox devices from the original Xbox One all the way up to the Xbox Series X. And once the game launches for PlayStation platforms, the same applies and one purchase of Poker Club will provide access to play on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, with no additional charge.”

We’ll have a full launch article up and live to notify you when Poker Club prepares to sit down at the card table on November 19th so keep an eye out for it. In a nutshell though, if you’re looking for a social card playing experience, one that will let you involve yourself in a host of gameplay opportunities as you look to fish, Poker Club looks to be it. Being built from the ground up, it promises to deliver the most immersive, most glitzy, poker experience seen in the gaming scene yet.

Let us know if you’ll be playing. The comments section is below.

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