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The Ace Attorney series was an early example of the visual novel / adventure style breaking out in the west. Starting on the Gameboy Advance originally, the franchise would see several applications go all the way to the 3DS. However, not every region got every title, as a pair of prequel-derived titles never saw release outside Japan. That changes this month with The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and Capcom wants to give you a quick look at the cases you will be tackling.

In a series of trailers, you can get an introduction to five different investigations that you will be tasked with cracking: the Visiting Professor Case, the Stricken Steamer Case, the Dead Omnibus Case, the Pedestrian Knife Case. and the Pawnbrokery Burglary Case. Each trailer is short and gives only a brief introduction to the events and known evidence. It is by no means an exhaustive list, but it will give you an idea of ​​the mood and style to expect.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is set to release on July 27th for PlayStation 4, Switch and PC. You see some gameplay pics, including how courtroom cases play out, here.


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