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Prepare to bark, bite and bounce as PHOGS! release date is confirmed along with Xbox Game Pass

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PHOGS! is crazy, cute and highly captivating – and this December you’ll be able to play it on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, with it also going free via the Xbox Game Pass service. 

We’ve been pretty excited for PHOGS! ever since we first clapped eyes on it, drawn in by the most adorable two-headed dog to have ever come to video games. Okay, so it may be the only two-headed dog to ever come to video games, but that matters little and one spot of Red and Blue will be enough to tempt you in. 

Now though PHOGS! will be coming to pretty much ever format you could ever wish, with launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, PC, Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5 from 3rd December, giving players the chance to take in a strange adventure in which they’ll be left to eat, sleep and play. Just be in mind those next-gen versions will be available through the power of Backwards Compatibility.

The basic premise of PHOGS! is to help Red and Blue work their way through three different worlds that play home to 24 levels, stretching their body in ways a dog’s body should never stretch, before barking, biting and bouncing your way past a ton of puzzles. Created by those at Bit Loom Games, and picked up by the publishing team at CoatSink, you can be certain it’ll deliver a hugely adorable, hugely fun time. I mean, surely a game focused on a two-headed doggo just cannot fail. 

We’ll be sure to remind you when that December 3rd 2020 release date rolls into view, but for now let us know in the comments which format you’ll be playing it on. With Xbox Game Pass providing subscribers the chance to drop in without any further cash commitment, we’d be hugely surprised if this didn’t make it as one of those must-play titles. 

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