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Die After Sunset to bring roguelike third-person shooting to PC and consoles in 2021

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2021 will be with us in just a few short months, and if we’re honest we can’t wait for it to arrive, if only so we can see the back of 2020. When it does hit we’ll be a little closer to launch of Badland Publishing and PlayStark’s Die After Sunset too. Win, win.

Announced today for a 2021 release on PC and consoles, Die After Sunset is a roguelike third-person shooter which focuses efforts on light and darkness, with both taking on special relevance. Filled with cartoon-styled aesthetics, power-ups, gigantic final bosses and a plethora of playable characters, Die After Sunset will deliver a shooter in which each game will be a different adventure.

Yeah yeah, we know we’ve heard that a ton of times over the years, but it has to be said that Die After Sunset looks to be an altogether original third-person roguelike shooter. You see, in each level the player will have to get the best possible equipment among a selection of crazy artifacts. And you’ll have to depend on it to be able to overcome all the challenges and to unravel the mystery behind the Murkor invasion; a race of alien beings who at first sight seem to be rather nice… until they are covered by the darkness.

The narrative sitting behind Die After Sunset sees journalist April Blazestrong placed as the initial and main character and it is her who is found investigating the inner workings of a crashed alien ship. It is also her who activates her Artificial Intelligence which, against all odds, will help her stop the Murkor invasion. Thanks to the AI, April will have the direction, technology and weapons needed to unlock the secrets of the invasion, but she must do so before the sun sets.

Luckily, April won’t be facing the Murkors alone though and with unlockable playable characters to hel, each of whom bring a specific set of skills, there will be multiple ways to face the invasion. Playing Die After Sunset means fighting a countdown at every level, and this in turn marks the inevitable arrival of one of the Murkor leaders. You’ll be left to attempt to delay the appearance of the boss as much as possible by completing randomly generated and assigned missions in real time: Destroy Murkor nests that are about to explode, prevent these aliens from eating the museum pieces, manage to reactivate the electricity to avoid running out of light. Do so and you’ll come out the other end with the best possible result, which will then offer unique improvements to the player and the extra time needed to make it to the head of the area and advance to the next adventure a little closer to nightfall.

We’ll be sure to keep you as up-to-date as possible regarding Die After Sunset. For now though hit up that trailer below.

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