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A YouTuber claims to have fixed Joy-Con drift issues permanently using a single piece of cardboard, and fans seem to be elated.

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It turns out that a YouTuber called the VK Channel has come up with an easy and permanent solution for Joy-Con drift. The YouTuber displays the repair using one piece of cardboard. Check out the video below for more details on the issue.

According to the YouTuber, the root of the drift appears to be graphite pads within Joy-Cons without sufficient pressure. These graphite pads are responsible for reading inputs from the sticks, and insufficient pressure on these pads appears to cause errors in readings that, by extension, cause drift. The VK YouTuber Channel fixes this by placing one piece of cardboard inside Joy-Con’s body, and that seems to permanently resolve the issue.

Joy-Con drift has been a long-standing problem for Nintendo Switch owners, with an astonishing number of cases leading to lawsuits against Nintendo. The newly released Nintendo Switch OLED contains the same joy, which would probably show similar problems as well. The fix seems to work for many, and fans facing drift problems should try it as it is quite easy to achieve.

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