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Former Sledgehammer general manager argues that the industry and fans are not appreciative of the effort it takes to develop a Call of Duty game.

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Ex-Sledgehammer General Manager Glen Schofield sat down with Mekasini pito for an interview, in which he argued about how enthusiasts and industry appreciation of the work go to the development of a new Call of Duty games every year.

Glen Schofield has served as a co-director on several of the franchise’s records, detailing the depth of his case studies for game development. He argued that enthusiasts believe the development is a new one Call of Duty it’s as simple as pressing a few buttons on the device, with a new game popping out every year.

As written by VGC, Glen said, “People today [think] the Call of Duty is… you know, just put it in the tower and the next one will come out. They don’t realize how much work goes into making a Call of Duty game. It’s just a ton of research. ”

“You’re working with experts – I studied World War II for three years. We worked with historical writers. I spent eight days in a van in Europe and went to all the places where the game was going to be. I fired old weapons. All this you have to do while working on a Call of Duty game. ”

“And, you know, to be an expert – we worked with Navy SEALS and Delta Force people to train [the] methods and techniques and take them into the game, right? You have to learn about the Special Forces from different countries like England and France and Spain and Italy and everything else, because they were all in the game. And, a lot of training, keep reading, watch videos regularly and always work with experts. “

Developing games is not an easy task, even with a lot of financial support provided by a developer like Activision However, this does not satisfy the fact that Call of Duty it’s so wet because you always have the pressure to release a new game every year. With Call of Duty: Warzone becoming a life-service title that requires competition and renewal with full-sales annual releases, many Activision companies have shrunk to support obligations to stay fat Call of Duty devices and recent models of Toys for Bob.

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