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Those who played Monster Hunter Rise gain a nice little bonus while playing Monster Hunter Stories 2: Ruin Wings. The Kamura Garb in the latter can be unlocked as Layered Armor if you have saved data from the former. After the game has checked for the save data, head straight to your home in Mahana Village and access the chest. Then go to the Appearance tab and search for the “Layered Armored” option to arm the Kamura Garb.

The set itself is cosmetic – it doesn’t give any unique stats or boost your skills. But it looks cool and that’s what really counts.

How to Win Zenny and XP Quickly

To collect a decent amount of Zenny and XP, it’s worth repeating quests for their rewards. But what is a good early stage inquest that can be completed quickly? The answer is “Roly-Poly Problems” – it provides 1200 Zenny, two Insect Husks and 20 XP. All you have to do is go to Kamuna’s North Island, which is fairly close, and take down six Yellow Konchu. At higher levels, use Auto-Complete to farm this even faster.

For winning more XP, it’s worth doing Larinoth Trial Quest – and Quial Quests in general. It’s a 1 Star question that provides a Gold Piece when finished in one go after first completing it. However, because it is fairly easy, you can farm it continuously for XP. You also receive Lucky Charms which can be used to upgrade the Prayer Pot. This will provide many different boosts including XP acquired. It can also be used to increase the chance of finding monasteries with rare genes, rare items of fighting and some.


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