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The Summer Show may have ended for Overwatch League but the party is only just beginning. Blizzard Entertainment has announced the return of the Summer Games event Overwatch tomorrow and available until August 10th. Although he did not outline the new content that could be expected, he revealed new Legendary skins for Symmetra, Mei and Ashe in a new tweet.

While Symmetra receives a mermaid-like costume, Ashe wears some Summer costume (including an inflatable flamingo hat for Bob). Mei’s outfit out of left field is fine, giving her the appearance of an American Diner waitress from the old days, along with yellow hair. Expect some new Epic skins to be introduced and won through weekly challenges along with other emotions, sprays and cosmetics.

Skins from previous Summer Games events should also be returning and available at a reduced price. Stay tuned for more details when things start tomorrow.


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