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This year’s Summer Games event is now live Overwatch, bringing new legendary skins, weekly challenges and Brawls like Lucioball. A new trailer has been released that showcases all the cosmetics players can win, including some new voices and outros. Check it out below.

Legendary skins have been added for Symmetra, Ashe, Orisa, Sigma and Mei that are earned through Summer Games sparring boxes or purchased with credits. This week’s challenges include Epic skins, sprays and icons for Winston, Pharah and Hanzo with Ocean King Winston. You’ll need 27 points to unlock everything with losses accounting for one point and gain accounting for two.

Between Cosmetics from previous iterations of the event is also available at a reduced cost so it’s a good time to complete the collection. The 2021 Summer Games are available until August 10th on all platforms. Stay tuned for more details on upcoming features and events in the coming months (especially since Overwatch 2 is still a way out).


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