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Recent history 14 has been growing in popularity and enjoys more progress for many years now, but it seems to have come with a sudden and devastating explosion of influx of new players in recent weeks. past became Square Enix in a strange way- which caused a stir among employees. To explain the problems of these workers, apologize for these issues, and explain what steps are being taken to counter them, director and general manager Naoki Yoshida recently posted. it’s a long message for the players of the game.

Yoshida says that Recent history 14 there are “a growing number of popular new users” on servers around the globe, especially in North America and Europe. “We know record numbers of users in all regions, with a lot of new players starting their journeys,” he wrote. “In particular, the rise of NA- and EU-regional sports in the last two weeks has all been stumbled and unexpectedly A lot of the players are now having a hard time getting in or creating new members because of the overcrowding, and for that we apologize. “

To address these issues, the Recent history 14 develop me have taken steps. The first is to lift the hats together for the game at the same time. Now it will go up to 18,000 North American servants. While they plan to do the same for Europe as well, Yoshida said it will be difficult to implement that until work on the North American server is completed. But he provided indications that improvements would be made though: “He said the team is now working hard to improve the existing service in an effort to increase caps, if a small numbers, and will strive to make continuous changes and improvements while maintaining the stability of the game. ”

Meanwhile, Yoshida also advises players to avoid making new characters as the crew is still looking to see people, as signing all the lines and waiting for times is getting a lot of boys. play. The drive-logout feature that was previously thought to live with patch 6.0 will also start soon, with patch 5.58, “an emergency way to combat harassment.”

“If no contribution has been received from a character for a long period of time, the person will be automatically removed from the game,” Yoshida explains. “This feature will be expanded to regulate the jump to idea logins for unlocking Endwalker.

“We understand that this group will not be the most popular with our players, but we want to assure you that it is a useful way to prevent permanent accidents. We also apologize for any inconvenience that may occur. from its implementation, and thank you for bringing our game to make sure the game is still available at this time. ”

Yoshida went on to say that not only is there a sudden spike in the number of players, but there are also things like the global semiconductor failure and the travel ban due to the COVID-19 disease. , while experiencing server problems. With Endwalker seeking to be the most successful Recent history 14 Expansion to date, I think Square Enix will be dealing with this deal for a while.

In fact, a game that is so well -received and well -received made by fans that it is played by so many players that they can’t handle that burden on the supply isn’t much worse. the problem in the world But Yoshida and Square Enix agree they made a great game, which is appreciated.

Recent history 14 available on PS5, PS4, and PC. Endwalker launched November 23.


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