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Petesa’s’s Series 76 is starting an upgrade of its current Private Sector in September. Called False world, is allowed First principles Subscribers specialize in their own services in many ways. You can create CAMPs in areas that were previously restricted, change CAMP levels, brightness and budgets, and more.

In terms of gameplay options, players can swap out unlimited ammo and AP battles, drag difficult creatures throughout the area, enable radiation and Quantum Storms, and there is also ragdoll physics (and more options in the future). False world will be divided into two ways – Public Worlds and Customs Worlds. The first will be available to all players and is made by Pethesda’s hands (and imported from the community) to provide a unique experience.

Custom Worlds, as the name suggests, offer complete control over the conditions to create one unique world. You can also invite other players, even if they don’t have it First principles become a member False world is out of Public Test Servers today with some details that follow later to remain current.


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