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Hello Co-creator Marcus Lehto recently sat down for an interview with HiddenXperia’s Youtube channel, where he expressed his past concerns about Infinite Halo after the phenomenal reveal trailer last year. Check out the full interview below for more details.

Marcus Lehto seems to be enthusiastic about how 343 Industries took the feedback and applied it to the game. According to Marcus, the game looked great in the multiplayer shows this E3, and can’t wait to play the game later this year. Besides, he also jokes about being jealous of 343 Industries like Infinite Halo – to him – seems to be one of the best Halos ever made.

“I was quite appalled by what I saw last E3. I think the community at large. But, you can clearly see that 343 listened to all that feedback, and what they turned around this year was impressive, ”said Lehto (as transcribed by GameSpot).

“As an artist and creative director looking at the overall game, [I am] really impressed with where they take things and how they kind of go back to some of the original designs, ”he says. “Yes, I know many of the designs are from the Bungie era, but they still take their own spin on it. They are not just copying things verbatim. They make it unique to Infinite, and it feels this way. It feels really good. Not going to lie, I’m kinda jealous because I think it looks like one of the best Halos has created to date. So I can’t really wait to hop in there and see what they’ve done with it. I have all the hope and positive vibrations for 343 when it comes to wrapping Infinite and getting it out this fall. I hope the community is there to support them as well. “

Infinite HaloThe original E3 shows numerous variations of the Craig the Brute meme, and the game definitely looks in much better shape now. The game will feature live storytelling elements, a flexible battle pass system, and many other things. Infinite Halo is releasing this Holiday on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.


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