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Following the announcement of Company of Heroes 3, Relic Entertainment has detailed how its Dynamic Campaign Map will work. Essentially, the campaign takes place on a large open map where players can battle, break enemy supply lines and capture objectives. There are two main types of unit – Companies and Disconnections.

Companies are your main force and feature unique unit work listings with different unlocking and capabilities each. For example, a US Air Force company allows aggressive strikes along with allowing access to Elite Paratroopers. Once Companies fight, then battles play out in the classic style of RTS skirmish gameplay. Companies can also earn Veterans and Officers for more unique abilities and bonuses.

Liquidations are smaller support units that operate independently of Companies, providing unique tour effects. British Medical detachment, for example, can be used to call in a half-track that reinforces and enhances your troops. Other elements include calling the US Navy Destroyer squadron into a range of missions to provide fire assistance. However, you may want to use to launch a preemptive strike on a mission (the consequences of which appear when a company enters the same).

Company of Heroes 3 Slate is set to release in 2022 for PC but a pre-alpha preview is currently underway. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.


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