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Rupees are required for a variety of things, whether it’s purchasing items or upgrading equipment. Here’s how to quickly farm them.

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As you explore the world The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, it quickly becomes clear that Rupees is power. They are required to purchase a wide range of items and for almost everything upgrades. While rupees are naturally discovered through potting, grass cutting and skull grinding, there are a number of ways to farm it.

The first is to use the Goddess Sword Dowsing ability. This will reveal any Rupee hidden in the environment and may open Goddess Cubes that may contain more. You can also use the Digitt Mitts on different spots to dig up Rupee ones. One nice method in the beginning is to catch bugs and sell them to Strich.

The most valuable insects to look out for include the Woodland Rhino Beetle, Sky Stag Battle, Lanayru Ants and a volcanic Ladybug that provide 20 Rupees each; the Gerudo Dragonfly and Starry Firefly paying 30 Rupees each; the Eldin Roller and Faron Grasshopper who net 20 Rupees each; and the Cicada Sand, worth a staggering 50 Rupees. It is also possible to catch birds and sell Bird Rupees for 20 Rupees in the Bazaar at the Rupin store (with a chance of catching blue birds worth 100 Rupees).

Next up, you’ll want to take part in mini-games for more pay. The Thunder Dragon Lightning Round, located in the Lanayru Gorge, is great as defeating more bosses can provide rewards for thousands of Rupees (plus winning a Hylian Shield). There are also Silent Realm challenges that provide Link performance-based Rupees along with materials such as the Golden Skull, Goddess Plume and Blue Bird Feather.

There is also a Thrill Digger mini-game in Eldin Volcano that acts much the same Barn Mines. Since you have to pay an entry fee, which increases with the difficulty and there is no guarantee of making a profit, it can be quite hit or miss. Nevertheless, it may be worth trying those with some luck especially as you can dig up red Rupees at the highest difficulty. Also worth trying is the mini game Clean Cut on Bamboo Island. Although it pays 30 Rupees, you can still earn Treasures like Evil Crystals, Blue Birds Fly, Goddess Plumes and Gold Skulls that can be used for crafting or sold for extra money.

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