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Want to partake in a PvE battle royale in GTA 5? How about exploring a ruined city akin to The Last of Us? These PC mods are the ticket.

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Grft car theft 5 first launched in September 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3, and although the PC version is not released until April 2015, it still has over six years of support updates. Projects started very small with cheats, new characters and more but later, mods started delivering updated maps, improved graphics and new kind of graphics. Some also sought to bring Vice City and San Andreas back in their own ways. Let’s take a look at some GTA 5 mods that can effectively improve your experience in many different ways.

Vice Cry: Remastered

You want to go back to a bigger, bigger, better look Sui City? Vice Cry: Remastered is the answer. First, a mod intended to improve Grand car theft: urban replacement on the PC, access to new areas of content, completely redesigned lawns, buildings and HD decorations, and even secret locations and interiors. Vice Cry: Remastered took the 1.8 version of the mod and brought it on Grand Theft Auto 5 with new types and fabrics, mapped layouts and buildings, spec mapped windows, traditions, and more. You’ll need ScriptHooV, a tutor for DLC game classification, Heapadjuster and Packfile Limit Adjuster in order to run it but if you want to see the neon-drenched site creation in high fidelity, Vice Cry: Remastered the answer.

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