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The Falconeer brings glorious acrobatic aerial combat to Xbox One, Series X|S and PC

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the falconeer launch

Ever since we had the chance to spend some time with The Falconeer and its developer, Tomas Sala, in the early part of 2020, we have had high hopes for this glorious looking acrobatic aerial dogfighter. And now the breathtaking world of The Falconeer is open for discovery thanks to the launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. 

Available to purchase and download right now on the Xbox family of devices – Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S – along with that of PC via Steam, The Falconeer brings together some of the most intense dogfighting with stunning acrobatic aerial combat and a glorious open world that is rich with fantastical creatures. Offering up a true next-gen experience on console and PC, if you’re after something that entwines those elements with an original story and an eclectic soundtrack, The Falconeer has got your back. 

Priced at £24.99 The Falconeer whisks us off to the world of The Great Ursee, before upping the mystery and delivering intrigue with a unique tale full of immersion, sounds, and dogfights. Taking control of a Warbird soaring through the land, before utilising upgrades, weaponry and a variety of stats, The Falconeer looks set to deliver something totally unique, something that pushes the boundaries of what we have previously thought. With the power of Xbox Series X|S behind it, it may well deliver too.

“Creating The Falconeer has been a journey years in the making for me; it’s such a deeply personal game and I can’t wait for players to pick this up,” said The Falconeer creator, Tomas Sala. “Whether it’s on PC or Xbox, please take some time to enjoy the world of The Great Ursee and everything it has to offer, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”  

“Working with Tomas on The Falconeer has been an incredible experience,” said Leo Zullo, Managing Director, Wired Productions. “Seeing first-hand his passion, his attention to design and how driven he has been to create something truly unique has been inspiring for us. The world Tomas has created is unlike any other, and we’re excited to see players explore the oceanic delights of The Falconeer.”

Features include:

  • Explore The Great Ursee
  • Experience fast and brutal aerial combat
  • Discover lofty heights or mysterious underwater locations
  • Encounter a wide range of enemies from rival Falconeers to lumbering airships, flying beetles, manta rays and more
  • Unite with or compete against in-game factions
  • Choose your origin story to create a unique rider
  • Earn splinters to upgrade your falcon through weapons, armour, cosmetics and mutagens
  • Fully Voiced: An incredible voice cast brings to life the world within the Falconeer.
  • Featuring a stunning original music from award-winning composer Benedict Nichols, and Mikee W Goodman, of experimental tech metal pioneers, SikTh.

Our full review of The Falconeer on Xbox Series X will be winging its way towards your eyes before you know it. If you’re already completely sold on the premise though, or just think that those visuals are to die for, get over to the Xbox Store and grab it right now. You’ll also find it available on Steam. 

Game Description:

Generations of poisonous decisions and treason swirl in the deep, as factions collide Become the Falconeer and soar through the skies aboard a devastatingly powerful Warbird. Uncover secrets lost to the sea as you join or oppose different factions and clans scattered throughout The Great Ursee. Take advantage of multiple Falconeer classes with individual stats, weapons and warbirds that can be upgraded through winning battles, completing quests, discovering secrets, or applying Mutagens or Chants. Use ocean thermals and energy to dive, dodge, barrel-roll, and twist to gain an advantage. The Falconeer is an open-world air combat game, featuring fast, brutal aerial dogfights and deep exploration of an incredible fantasy open-world set not only above the clouds, but also amongst the waves and down through the sunken, ocean depths.

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