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Running short on Treasures to upgrade your weapons, equipment and items with? Here are some tips on where to find and farm them.

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We’ve already covered all the different upgrades that can be had The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, whether for weapons and shields or potions and equipment. But how do I go about collecting some of these Treasures? What are the most ideal places?

First, let’s look at Ancient Flowers. These can mainly be found in the Lanayru Desert by hitting Timeshift Stones. You can find one by going to the Bird Sculpture in the South and traveling further south until you find the stone. Hit it and climb the vines to reach the Ancient Flower. You can also go to the caves in the south region and use bombs in the quicksand passage. This will activate a Time Zone and allow the arrival of the Ancient Flower in the quicksand pond in the South (and that it can be farmed).

Finally, when outside the Temple of Time, look for a TimeShift Stone on a spire – hit it and two Ancient Flowers will appear, which can be found with the Beetle.

Next is Monster Claws. Along with winning them from mini-games and treasure chests, they also drop from Keese (and sometimes from Gossip Stones when interacting with them). Keese can be found at a number of locations including Skyview Temple, Eldin Volcano, Lanayru Desert, Earth Temple and Faron Woods. For an easy farming route, head to Skyview Temple and venture through the halls, removing any Keese along the way en route to the Bird Sculpture. Once you reach it, teleport outside and repeat the process.

Tymbleweeds is another Treasure used for upgrading items but they don’t leak from enemies, chests, stones, etc. Instead, you need to head to the southern part of the Lanayru Desert. Look for three small circles on the map – Tymbleweeds tend to drift back and forth in this section. Take the Bug Net out for collection but be quick. Hitting walls makes them disappear.

Bird feathers can be found by catching Chirris at Coed Faron. You will need the Bug Net to catch it so pick it up beforehand. You can also get Blue Bird Fly by Blue Chirris at Coed Faron, although these are a bit rarer. Other places to find are Treasure Chests, from the Moonlight Merchant, a Pumpkin Pull mini-game at Skyloft, and a Clean Cut mini-game on Bamboo Island.

Evil Crystals are perhaps the rarest of Treasure in terms of drop rate – they can be obtained from Cursed Bokoblins, Dark Keese and Dark Lizalfos. Sometimes you can also get them from Gossip Stones when using the Goddess Harp and from Treasure Chests. The Clean Cut mini game on Bamboo Island also provides it as a reward if you have over 20 slices.

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