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Sokoban style Sig.NULL takes you to a cybernetic world on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

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sig.null xbox

You may be familiar with the old Japanese box pushing game of Sokoban, or games that have been inspired by it like SokoBunny – although, quite frankly, we’d rather forget that one. Fortunately, developers Half-Face Games decided to put their own spin on the Sokoban formula, aiming to be a smarter version of the puzzling concept. The title in question is Sig.NULL and it’s going to whisk you off to a cybernetic world on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Smarter than the average Sokoban experience, Sig.NULL wants you to explore the abilities of your drones in order to arrange crates into specific places. While that sounds easy in theory, you’ll need to learn the rules of this dark, cybernetic world if you’re to solve the unique challenges ahead – of which there are over 100 to tackle. Given that there are hidden features that aren’t instantly apparent, you’ll have to take it step by step to find those all-important solutions.

Key features of Sig.NULL:

  • Non-classic sokoban – push blocks on their places, use multiple controls and drones abilities.
  • Explore game rules – there are many of them. They’re not obvious, but when you figure them out, you’ll have ‘AHA!’ effect and feeling that you are smarter!
  • Non-linear – you always have more than one level available, so if you can’t figure out one puzzle try another.
  • Replay system – have you complete the level? But are you sure that you have the best solution? Use replays to improve your score.
  • No annoying storyline – you come here to solve cool puzzles, right?

So, if you think you have the smarts to overcome the block-pushing problems of Sig.NULL, give it a purchase from the Xbox Store for £4.19 – or the slightly discounted price tag of £3.77, which is in place for two weeks. Then come back here and let us know whether you’re enjoying it by leaving a comment below!

Game Description:

Smarter than regular sokoban! Explore abilities of your drones to place crates on their places. And it isn’t so easy as you think. Step by step learn the rules of dark cybernetic world to solve 100+ unique challenges!

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