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META Publishing and Flazm Interactive team up for puzzle-platformer Time Loader

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The veteran team behind the likes of Scrap Garden and the critically acclaimed Train Valley series, Flazm Interactive, are partnering up with META Publishing for a fascinating puzzle-platformer called Time Loader. Prepare for nostalgia, physics based problems and an intriguing narrative when Time Loader arrives in 2021 on PC and consoles.

Time Loader is set to be a story-driven, physics-based puzzle-platformer, albeit with a twist. Taking control of a small robot, you’ll need to travel back to the 90s in order to prevent a tragic accident. As such, you must explore the house of your creator, while solving brain-teasing puzzles and acquiring different powerful upgrades required to make progress. What’s quite revealing from the gameplay is that you will end up seeing everyday household items from an entirely new perspective. 

The collaboration between META Publishing and Flazm Interactive will see them working together to get Time Loader ready for launch next year. In celebration, they’ve just released a free Time Loader Prologue on Steam for PC, which enables players to experience a handful of levels from the main game. So, if you’re able to, be sure to check that out as soon as possible.

Time Loader features:

  • Subverted perspectives – Even the most familiar objects look different when you’re the size of a toy car. Will you watch your every move or dive head-first into this dangerous new world?
  • An arsenal to choose from – Boosters, harpoons, screwdrivers… choose among dozens of upgrades to tackle each level and get the job done!
  • Dynamic and branching narratives – Don’t just relive the past: change it! Every choice you make will influence the story and may lead to a different outcome. So do us a favor: change the past responsibly!
  • A complimentary dose of nostalgia – Time Loader features music, references, and items straight out of the ‘90s. Relive your childhood or, if you’re too young for it, just gawk in awe at how primitive humanity used to be back then!

Do bear in mind though, that meddling in time, even in Time Loader, may have a serious knock-on effect. Your biggest problem at the moment however is whether or not you watch the reveal trailer. We’d suggest you do, but it’ll probably mean you’ll be even more excited for its arrival in 2021 on PC and consoles – including the Xbox, of course.

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