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Sparkle 4 Tales glistens as it launches on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

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sparkle 4 tales

You may know developers MegaPixel Studio for their work on porting sadistic horror game Agony to console, but don’t be fearful as the latest title looks to shine bright instead. Stepping into the limelight on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One is Sparkle 4 Tales, with a rather intriguing adventure up its sleeve. But, what role will you play in this one?

In Sparkle 4 Tales, you start off life as a mere spark, not really knowing what you are as an emotional journey begins. There’s an interesting conversation to be had with the Creator which will shape your future. Ultimately, you could end up living life as a harmonious being, a bloodthirsty carnivore, or a happy middle-ground between the two. Through a free-roam style adventure, prepare to travel out of the depths and into the bright, rather peaceful place that’s inhabited by grown species. Explore the Void, discover your destiny and embrace the unique story within.

Key Features:

  • Free roam
  • Three possible evolutions: carnivore, omnivore and herbivore, with unique abilities 
  • Minions to help you eat the elements 
  • Epic boss fights 
  • Unique storyline 
  • Multiple levels to explore 
  • Immersive, ambient music
  • Ethereal surroundings

Our full review is expected to be live soon, so keep an eye out for that. Should you be ready to embrace the atmospheric adventure provided by Sparkle 4 Tales, take a trip to the Xbox Store where you can eat up everything it has to offer for £8.39. You’ve got an important decision to make afterwards though; will you become a carnivore, omnivore or herbivore? Get in touch and let us know via the comments section below – we won’t judge your choice!

Game Description:

“There you are, my little thing… Wondering who am I? Let’s start here, with your first experience of life… Maybe it will lead us somewhere. Shall we?” Begin the emotional journey and start as a small spark of life. Move out of the depths into the bright and peaceful place of grown species. Immerse yourself in the atmospheric surroundings from the beginnings of life, and the beautiful soundtrack to complement your experience. Have a conversation with the Creator to determine your future. Will you grow into a peaceful being, a bloodthirsty carnivore, or something in between? Explore the Void and find your destiny. Become a magnificent being and explore your potential in a unique story.

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