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Amplitude Studios’ Humanity coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC when it launches next week. To provide a sense of the scale of the 4X title, the developer has released a new trailer that outlines all the cultures, civilizations, units and much more that players can become involved with. Check it out below.

Humanity plays a lot like Sid Meier Civilization series. You take a civilization based and guide it through many periods of history, developing your new cities and technology to win through diplomacy, overwhelming military force or science. The key hook here is that each era allows you to choose from ten types of civilizations for various bonuses and penalties, resulting in a myriad of randomly created civilizations throughout your gameplay.

The result is, as the trailer teases, more than 1.5 million possible civilizations. Of course, you also have a total of 129 different units, 10 different biomes for your world map, 45 animal species, 93 different technologies, and tons of customization for your avatar. Humanity out on August 17th for PC so stay tuned for more details in the coming days.


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