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There aren’t many franchises in the industry right now that have the kind of sales power Capcom has Monster hunter games do, and recent major releases of the series continue to sell at a steady pace. Capcom recently updated their list of Platinum dealers (all their games that have sold over a million units), and provided fresh sales figures for several titles.

Monster Hunter World, of course, it remains Capcom’s highest-selling game ever, and currently stands at 17.3 million units sold worldwide, up from 17.1 million units at the end of the previous quarter. Extend it, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, also continues to see solid sales, currently standing at 8.2 million units sold, with 500,000 units sold during the previous quarter.

In the meantime, Monster Hunter Rise, which had shipped 7 million copies worldwide at the last count, currently 7.3 million units have been sold. With the game also coming to PC in early 2022, those sales are set to get a significant boost in the near future.

Capcom, meanwhile, recently launched the spinoff RPG Monster Hunter Stories 2: Ruin Wings, which has exceeded one million units of shipping worldwide and digital sales.

Updates sales figures for various Resident Evil games were also provided, all of which also continue to sell well. Read more about that throughout here.


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