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Capcom has updated its list of Platinum customers (all of their games sold over a million units), and new sales numbers were, as it were, prepared for more games. Unsurprisingly, a lot recently Bad stay The healings continue to show leg strength and enjoy a permanent purchase.

Bad stays 7 it has now sold a total of 9.8 million units, up from 9 million at the last reading. The game sold 800,000 units in the last quarter, no doubt helped by the crowd generated by the launch of its live series, Bad Bad Country (which, incidentally, now stands at 4.5 million units sold). Capcom mentioned earlier this year RE7 it still sells a million copies each year, but even so, the production of 800k units in one quarter is very encouraging.

Now, the Bad stay 2 remake continues to sell well, currently standing at 8.6 million units sold. That’s up from 8.1 million in the last reading, meaning the game sold half a million copies in the last quarter. Now, the Bad stay 3 had 4.4 million units sold, up from 4 million in the last count, since 400,000 units were sold during the first quarter.


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