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The Steam Deck is shaping up to be an exciting device, not only because it’s basically going to be a proper, well-powered handheld gaming computer, but also because, with its promise of being an open platform, it will also allow users to run third-party applications, including other store fronts. Of course, as you’d expect, you’ll also be able to use the Steam Deck to stream Xbox games through xCloud- and how exactly is that going to perform?

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, took to Twitter recently, and according to him, is actually performing very well. In fact, Spencer has had a Steam Deck in his possession for about a week, and has been trying out games on it, including things like The age of the Empires a Hello, he says “feels good.” According to Spencer, xCloud is “working well” on the Steam Deck – so there you have it. That’s yet another use for an upcoming Valve device.

Steam Deck is having a limited launch in some regions of the world in December (with more waves of stock following later in 2022), so we’ll find out soon enough just how good the device is run games through xCloud.


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