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The masked fighter returns, somewhat different thanks to the restoration of Aria’s soul. She’s out on August 30th for all players.

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Arc System Works has released its second DLC visitor Take care not to be guilty. Jack-O ‘Valentine, a former servant of Asuka R. Kreutz aka That man. Made to stop Justice’s revival, he still retains his unique cover and his love-candy attitude. Check its movement with the first lower trailer.

Jack-O ‘was created using the spirit of Aria, best known as Sol Badguy’s sweetheart. Although the spirit of the latter has been renewed and he is a “half-Aryan” tech, Jack-O ’remains and often progresses to a more child-like state. As such, he used the mask to stay in control when fighting. Interestingly, as shown in the new film, Aria’s spirit is hesitant to wake up altogether (something to call Jack-O ’).

Jack Valentine joined the roster on August 27th for Season Pass 1 holders. He will be available on August 30th as a standalone purchase at $ 6.99. Two other DLC teams planned to be released this Fall remain waiting for more details. Check out our review of Strive to be guilty ii for more details.

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