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People Can Fly Outriders opened in April 2021 and is a very interesting shooting range due to the service life. It seemed to have all the same success with Square Enix promising more than 3.5 million players and the potential to become the company’s “other great franchise.” However, People Can Fly did not receive any payments for the sale of the game from the publisher.

Revealed in his investor’s website, the producer should receive wages from that first quarter Outriders sold on August 16th. Since there is no transfer of funds, it is believed that this may mean “according to the Publisher, the revenue from the sale of the game is less than the total cost of its production (including Status Credit), distribution and promotion. ”

Manager Sebastian Wojciechowski also mentioned (translation b IGN) the company does not have solid records on statistical sales. “We don’t have any sales for Outriders – we estimate between 2 and 3 million units and think this is an outcome that will ensure success for this project in the first quarter of sales. The lack of pay by Print probably means that, according to Square Enix, this isn’t the case. “The lack of profits may be due to partnerships such as the Xbox Game Pass release (which was paid for, as is printing) or because Square Enix spent more than planned to launch the ulutala.

For now, Wojciechowski has confirmed that Outriders are still supported and the kings are due to arrive later in the year. Square Enix also has to do a lot of promotional work since the game’s “buy end” is “ahead of us.” While fans can fly there are other titles in the works for Square Enix and take two links, there is a third title currently in the pipeline.

Because of Outriders condition, the company can publish it itself. “There are a lot of good things to come from working with the Media, but there are also bad things. One of them is the low impact of [People Can Fly] on sales activity and inadequacies or – as in this case – the lack of information received from the Press in this case. This is one of the reasons why we decided to develop projects that are still the property of the Company, and will be published by the Company, ”Wojciechowski said.

Square Enix has not expressed any speculation on why we will have to wait for more details. Outriders currently available for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC and Google Stadia.


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