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The arrival of Jack Sparrow usually spells disaster in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies but in Sea of ​​Thieves, it has led to great success. There are few has been confirmed that The Life of a Pirate, the new update launched with Season Three, led to the game’s busiest month yet with 4.8 million active players. Executive producer Joe Neate thanked fans for participating in the same.

“To all of you who have recently switched off for the first time, jumped back in after a break or just stepped away from your regular Cruises, thank you all and we hope so Pirates: A Pirate’s Life (and surprisingly unveiled!) was everything you could have wanted from a crucifix on this scale. “In the meantime, the developer has been looking at feedback and introduced improvements to the new Tall Tales through several hotfixes since the season’s launch.

Its next big update is also available and presents a number of solutions and improvements. Between August 20th and 23rd, Golden and Glory Weekend will be in operation. This means that any treasure provided to the Trading Companies will pay double Gold and Reputation (with Seasonal Renown also getting some boost). New make-up of the Pirates of the Caribbean a franchise is also available at the Pirate Emporium, from Davy Jones’ Cursed Dress Set to the Cursed Pharmacy Shipping Collection.

Look at the full patch notes here for more details. Sea of ​​Thieves currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

Gameplay Improvements

Hitting Registration on Moving Ships

  • Improvements were made to the way bullets are affected by the speed of a moving ship, providing a slight improvement to various weapons fired from moving ships.

Pirates: Tale of Pirate Life Tale Improvements

  • During ‘The Sunken Pearl’ and Tall Tales’ Dark Brethren, when a crew is engaged at an encounter and the room is locked, other crews approaching the meeting room will now find a notification on the locked door indicating that the room is currently used by another crew.

Meet the Enemy of the Island

  • When encountering emerging threats while exploring islands, crews are now less likely to encounter Ocean Crawlers and Phantoms.
  • When Ocean Crawlers attacked them while exploring islands, the number of enemies attacking in a wave has reduced significantly.
  • When faced with a bunch of Ocean Crawlers, crews will often find that they have more time to tackle these challenging new enemies before encountering additional threats.
  • After crews complete Bounty Quest on a named island, there are now longer delays before they can be attacked by emerging threats.
  • When players defeat Phantom, there is now a chance that they will drop collectible Gold Pouches to award gold to your crew immediately.

Deep Sea Enemy Meetings

  • When players swim to deep water, the time span before the Siren encounter is widened, and their presence should be felt less strongly than before.
  • Sharks and sirens will now attack crews that swim in deep water together in a wave.


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