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Bouncy Bob 2 leaps on to Xbox One and Series X|S

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bouncy bob 2 xbox

Being honest, we’d never heard of Bouncy Bob let alone know about a sequel, but one look at the premise, the trailer and the screenshots sold this as a console port of a mobile hit. We’re always up for new gaming experiences though and if that means bouncing around an arena in the hope of taking down opponents, all whilst mixing in a bit of Fruit Ninja as we do so, we’re up for it. 

Available to purchase and download from the Xbox Store for Xbox One – and should you so wish, Xbox Series X|S – right now, Bouncy Bob 2 is Ultimate Games’ latest console port, and the latest title to try and make a dent on the party scene. 

Priced at £8.39, Bouncy Bob 2 will see you bouncing, shooting and fighting your way through a variety of game modes, taking on multiple challenges in the hope that you can… well, we’re not really sure to be honest, but it looks like we’ll be able to have silly fun in doing whatever Bob wishes. 

Sold on the back of being a perfect co-op experience for up to 4 players, or holding enough challenge in the Tower for a solo fighter, no matter what you’re looking to do, as long as it involves bouncing and slashing, this is going to be the game for you. 

A full on Arena mode should allow for bragging rights, Swarm will give the opportunity to make good in a zombie slash-off, whilst Blender throws in some good olf Fruit Ninja-styled cut ’em up gameplay for an even stranger mix of ideas. 

The Xbox Store will sort you and your friends out with a download of Bouncy Bob 2 right now. Give it a shot and let us know what you think of it by dropping in to the comments. You’ll also find the game available on Steam and Nintendo Switch

Game Description:

Bouncy Bob 2 is a great party game! Bounce, shoot, and fight your opponents in various games modes. High replayability and lots of fun guaranteed! Bouncy Bob: Episode 2 is a perfect co-op experience for up to 4 players. Choose your character and prepare to have fun with one of the game modes. In Tower Challenge you need to overcome single-player challenges with rising difficulty. Arena Mode makes you play with your friends on one of the 14 arenas. In Swarm you need to survive zombie attacks and Blender makes you cut as many fruits as possible. Last but not least – why not to play Volleyball with one of your friends? Bouncy Bob: Episode 2 is a fun party games for everyone.

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