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Signora returns as a new boss in the Trounce Domain while new characters like Kujou Sara and Sangonomiya Kokomi join the fray.

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The thunder (hopelessly) ends in Genshin Effects o Inazuma issues will come on September 1st when the 2.1 updates are released. A new teaser trailer in another altercation with the Raiden Shogun (who will also be an occasional player) and a familiar enemy, Signora, returns as a boss in the Trounce Domain. Check it out below.

Says the PlayStation Blog, the battle with Signora is about eight months planned and is still capable of shifting between Cryo and Pyro’s attacks. Many other problems also await with new enemies such as Hydro Hypostasis and Thunder Manifestation. New games used include fishing, which can be used to cook, exchange for rewards or climb into a single Serenitea Pot. Other characters that will be able to play include Kujou Sara, the Electro bow-user, and Sangonomiya Kokomi, a Hydro who uses a mage.

Aloy mai le Horizon series will also join the roster as a free character, available for those with Adventure Rank 20 or higher. The first official game of his abilities was revealed, including “Prophecy of the Dawn” which deals with AoE Cryo damage and “Frozen Wilds” which throws the Freeze Bomb that exploded in the Chillwater Bomblets of facing further damage. It’s worth noting that his archer, Predator, is only available on PS4 and PS5 although standard and cross-save can also be used (though his Strong Strike effect is for PlayStation players only).

Listen for more information above Genshin Effects o update 2.1 in the coming weeks. Aloy will be available for PS4 and PS5 players in the first place but other versions will also make him available for free 2.2 drop updates.

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