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Sucker Punch Gaosiga ‘ Ghost of Tsushima: The Order of the Order it has finally gone out, and some good observations have been received across the board. Of course, with the new features – PS5 support has also been added to the mix allowing the game to be more efficient on newer devices. Check out our video below to compare the PS5 version against the PS4 Pro build.

Ghost of Tsushima: The Order of the Order on the PS5 there are two modes – Resolution and Performance. Resolution mode runs in checkerboarded 4K with a fixed resolution of 60fps, while Performance mode runs in checkerboarded 1800p with undoubtedly the highest resolution. This is a great upgrade from the PS4 Pro, which runs on 1800p checklist in system resolution at 30 fps and the frame rate way to keep the locked framerate at 30fps in a native 1080p image.

Ghost of TsushimaLoad times have improved on the PS5, which isn’t surprising considering the gameplay was added so quickly on last-gen devices. All in all, despite some obvious differences between all versions of the game, Ghost of Tsushima remains a joy over all tested conditions and solid performance.


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