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343 Industries and Microsoft did not release any new details going forward Infinite Halo during Recent Xbox Gamescom display but all hope is not lost. Gamescom Live Opening Night is still in place and we could see a new trailer along with a release date. However, it seems that the latter may have leaked courtesy of Microsoft Store. Infinite Halo the campaign is apparently launching on December 8th.

This was discovered by ALumia_Italia on Twitter who provided a picture of the same. Of course, the officer List Microsoft Store still says December 31st 2021 (and has been this way since August 2020, according to the user). The updated store list may have gone live briefly and been subsequently removed. Take all this with a pinch of salt for now.

While this may not be the strangest time to release the title, the fact that a “campaign” is mentioned separately is interesting. This seems to imply that multiplayer will launch later. However, the multiplayer component is free to play so it could be treated as a separate list entirely and launched on the same day. Given how demanding 343 Industries has been about not delaying multiplayer, it’s hard to believe that they could launch even a few days apart.

An official announcement will have to be awaited in the meantime. Infinite Halo slated for a 2021 holiday release for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.


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