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Welcome to Inkland as Drawngeon: Dungeons of Ink and Paper hits Xbox One and Series X|S

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Drawngeon Dungeons of Ink and Paper

We may be moving headlong into the next-gen without a care in the world, but no matter who you are, and no matter what your gaming preferences, there’s always a place for some old-school fun. That is exactly what Drawngeon: Dungeons of Ink and Paper looks to provide. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Drawngeon: Dungeons of Ink and Paper from DarkDes Labs is a proper old-school role-player, one that comes with a first person veiwpoint, some glorious real-time combat and some proper grid-based movement. 

Priced at £4.19, Drawngeon: Dungeons of Ink and Paper on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S will have you sent off exploring its procedurally generated world, taking in various locales like the dungeons, the caves, the forest and, um, the Mysterious Tower. Yeah, we can’t have an old-school RPG without a mysterious tower or two. 

After taking charge of your own unique hero dictated by your decision to roll the warrior, magician or rogue die, you’ll be given an ability that you’ll be looking to fall back on from the very first minute. And in Drawngeon: Dungeons of Ink and Paper expect to be found making the most of a shield, powerful spells or avoidance over, and over, and over again. After-all, procedurally generated. Remember that. 

With a distinct hard drawn visual style, the promise of some short and sweet gameplay sessions and an atmospheric world that is full of secrets, if you’re after something a little different from the norm, or are constantly found harking back to times of old, it’s probably worth you giving Drawngeon: Dungeons of Ink and Paper on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S a little go. 

Features include:

  • Hand-drawn graphics
  • Procedural generation of locations and items
  • Three classes of heroes – each with its own play style
  • Short gameplay sessions
  • The atmosphere of a strange world and unexpected discoveries
  • You are able to eat items!

Head to the Xbox Store and nail that download. 

Game Description:

Drawngeon is a short role-playing game in an old-school style with a first-person perspective, real-time combat and grid-based movement. The life went on as usual in the Inkland, until the Tower has suddenly fallen straight from the sky! Many heroes tried to solve its mystery, but none of them succeeded! Maybe it’s your turn to test yourself? Explore the procedurally generated game world of the Inkland – dungeons, caves, forest and, of course, the Mysterious Tower. Who can reveal all the secrets of the Mysterious Tower? Choose your hero – a warrior, magician or rogue! Each has its own unique ability: to fight with a shield, use powerful spells or avoid enemy attacks skillfully.

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