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Guerilla Games recently announced are coming up Western Forbidden Horizon officially postponed to the new year, but fans can be happy Horizon: Zero Dawn on the other Sony hardware and other cool features. Check out our video below to see a comparison between the PS4 Pro and PS5’s framerates and time loads.

The PS4 Pro’s favor performance mode is expected for 30 fps focus, and it does a good job at sticking. The PS5 – on the other hand – doubles the framerate while keeping both resolution and standard quality. A foundation can be seen falling down with this, but the PS5 does a solid job at sticking to its purpose – which isn’t surprising when you consider the device’s horsepower.

Time load also saw an improvement – as the PS5 loaded the game in less than 30 seconds while the PS4 Pro took a little more than a minute to do the same. In fact, the fact that the game is running backwards integrated systems on the PS5 doesn’t allow for optimal SSD performance – but it still remains an improved feature nonetheless. .


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