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Players will venture across various regions, including a flooded city and swamps, while battling foes like dragons and falcons.

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New previews for Mai FromSoftware’s Mama Elden has started to live with four new images. Game of Thrones creator Geoff Keighley checked out the screenshots and confirmed that the game was on track for its release in January 2022. Check them out below.

Meanwhile, Polygon provides some interesting new details in the view, noting that you will be able to place markers on the map as you traverse areas. While prisons and forts will face off, you may also be suddenly attacked by a dragon. Areas range from swamp-filled to flooded city (with lush forests and snow-covered terrain).

Many types of threats can be expected from many Knights to enemies with many arms. One of the tricky enemies is a huge falcon that will attack with swords, peck at the player and even throw explosive balls. Players can call for help, either in the form of other players or AI spirits. It also seems that, in addition to finding souls in the world, it is possible to call some enemies that are later defeated as friends.

Those are familiar with indoor platforming Sekiro: Second Death shadow it should also be noted – there will be too many here. For example, when entering Stormwind Castle, you can go to the front gates and face the hail with your arrows or take a side path that involves crawling and jumping. Many enemies will also be present but in some cases, such as a large troll encountered, you may find him in shock, choose to use a sleeping mat and safely dodge.

Some traditional boxing machines from Toto is also common, such as sweat, but can reduce the enemy’s level and cause unequal damage. Sekiro’s oti. Lost websites will be your means of quick travel as a woman named Melina helps learn new skills and improve situations, such as Dark Spirit. At this time, Mama Elden seems to be a smorgasbord of the most popular FromSoftware we have all about.

Mama Elden is out on January 21st 2022 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and PC.

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