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Released by Sucker Punch Productions a new patch do not Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, this time focusing on a wide range of issues. Patch 2.07 (which should appear on PS5 as of 2,007.000) will update the Fundoshi armor for some New Game Plus players who have reported lost entries. Another issue resulted in missions being switched without rewards until the game was taken back which had also been improved.

For specific PS5 gamers, the length of haptic data used while traveling is reduced while Actions are related to the topics discussed. The vision for Legends leaderboards should also be improved and players should also be able to participate Myth Achieve progressive matches by making matches. This is just in addition to the usual UI enhancements and enhancements for skins and skins.

Check out the full patch sheet below for more information. Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is now out for PS4 and PS5. You can read more in our review here.

  • Missing Fundoshi update for some New Games + obsolete.
  • Discusses an issue that does not allow retrieval of missions when the game is re -examined.
  • Discuss a case where supply boxes can be repackaged on re -checkpoints.
  • A problem was encountered with the given in the construction of the sheds but the cutscene was denied that it would still take supplies but did not complete the theme.
  • Discuss an issue where players were unable to participate in the progressive Legends Survival match by making games.
  • Reduces the length of haptic visual cues when traveling fast
  • Discuss some of the issues related to Activity Cards.
  • Discuss an issue with Legends visual leader.
  • Various UI improvements, bug fixes and crashes.


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