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Social media manager of the Sonic a brand recently took to Twitter to reveal to fans that a patch is imminent Sonic Colors: Ultimate fixes the litany of bugs and accidents experienced by players. Katie Chrzanowski has not detailed the details of the statement for the patch, but given the gravity of the situation, it’s expected to be dropping sooner than later.

On a side note, Katie Chrzanowski also highlighted that many fans encounter problems with the game due to the use of simulation. Of course, it’s not a developer’s forte to fix those problems – but authentic bugs will be solved soon. Sonic Colors: Ultimate has generally received positive critical reception, with most negatives related to the game’s poor technical stability.

The Switch version of the game seems to do the best in terms of technical performance, as legions of fans have noted in recent days. Sonic 2022 will release in, well, 2022 – but the details for that game remain paper-thin for the time being.


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