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Brave Deficiency 2

After releasing earlier this year for the Nintendo Switch, Square Enix’s Brave Deficiency 2 is now available for PC via Steam. The role-playing game is currently getting a sales discount with 10 percent off the asking price. This will be valid until September 13th.

Brave Deficiency 2 takes place at Excillant and follows sailor Seth, who washes ashore one day. His travels lead him to meet Gloria, who is trying to prevent the theft of the Crystals after the destruction of her kingdom. Eventually, they encounter Elvis and Adelle, the former a scholar and the latter a compliment as they attempt to interpret a mystery book.

Likewise the Four Heroes of Light travel across the different kingdoms and save Excillant from destruction. For more details, check out our review here. Brave Deficiency 2 has sold nearly a million copies so far and while the next title is in the “planning phase,” it will be another three to four years before its release.


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