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The combination of advertising and digital sales for Nioh ma Nioh 2 worldwide it has surpassed 6 million units, announced by Koei Tecmo. It has now started in April earlier this year.

The publisher also introduces both Nioh These games are available through the Epic Games Store. In fact, Nioh Approved Edition is now available in the store free of charge, and will remain free until September 16. In the meantime, Nioh 2 Full Description can be purchased for 20% off from now until September 23rd.

Anyone buy Nioh 2 before you get the Sohaya Deserter Garb and the Ornate Gold Armor as a bonus. Now, buy Nioh pe Nioh 2 at any time, and you’ll get the Fujin Helmet and Raijin Helmet in order.

Koei Tecmo last Nioh open only The Nioh Collection for the PS5, PS4, and PC earlier this year, and the series has clearly enjoyed a few small pieces of criticism and successful success. That said, Team Ninja said the series is now in something of a “break”, with builders wanting to focus on other projects.


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