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The buzz to FromSoftware’s Elden ring obviously, even if the vast majority of interested players have not participated Dark Souls, Blood carried or Sekiro: Shadows dies twice. Given the potential number of new players, tutorial pop-ups will be a thank-you, helping to familiarize yourself with one of the mechanics.

Yasuhiro Kitao of FromSoftware said JagatPlay (translate via Google), “Yes, we previewed the data for gamers like this in Elden ring. Although we do not know whether this system is well received or not Ax, we find that features like pop-tutorials are quite effective. He immediately learned how unique Ax a system that worked, which even then, did not feel familiar to a veteran Souls gamers. So we wanted to bring those same elements Elden ring, relying on tutorial pop-ups with images and text. ”

In Ax, these tutorials could not be accessed at a later date so if there was any essential information you missed, then tough luck. This will not be the case Elden ring. “We’re going to summarize this tutorial into items that gamers can access so they can re-read it whenever they want.” How this will work remains to be seen but given the amount of lorry that various items have carried through the Soulsborne series, it would not be difficult to facilitate.

Elden ring releases on January 21st 2022 and will be available for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X / S and PS5. Kitao also recently discussed the presence of Watchtowers, which players could find in the open world and use them to locate smaller dungeons. It was also confirmed that Legacy Dungeons had no level requirements, although specific tools may be needed to access them.


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