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Bethesda’s Reconstruction of Private Worlds at Fallout 76 now living with Fallout Worlds. Available to 1st Fallout subscribers, players now have a broader degree of options for customizing their own worlds. Public Worlds are available to all players and include unique worlds curated by the developer. These will rotate once a month, starting with Happy Builder which reduces the constraints on cache deployment and build when disabling PvP and exposing all map locations.

Next month, High Risk will be added that disables fast-travel attributes and legendary items while keeping PvP on at all times. Players also drop extra spoils when they die and crafting a workbench will be free. In the Custom Worlds tab, 1st Fallout members can create their own worlds and host up to eight players in each. You can customize enemy difficulty, durability of items, electricity needs, CAMP budget and much more. Some settings may affect performance though, keep that in mind.

Of course, to access all of this, you’ll need to pay for it 1st Fallout which costs $ 13 a month. Fallout 76 out now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and has seen a number of improvements despite its troubled launch. Even more content is expected to come Fallout 76: Expeditions – The Pitt released in 2022.


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