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Upcoming update for Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends eliminated a popular move from the game, which allowed many players with a solid understanding of the game’s mechanics to avoid damage in a way that is impossible to combat. Respawn Entertainment’s official Twitter account posted a tweet suggesting its reasons for removing “tap-strafing.”

Players of the hugely popular battle royale will be familiar with tap beats, allowing you to change directions in mid-air without losing any momentum. Developer Respawn Entertainment calls this an unfair advantage as this is a hard to exploit exploitation. Of course, this exploitation is only possible on PC which further exacerbates this issue.

Respawn’s Apex Legends is undoubtedly the studio’s biggest success, and has received a new Legend in the form of Seer. However, players from Titanfall 2 and the original Titanfall has been struggling with hackers for a long time now, which has sparked much debate on the issue.


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