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At the recent PlayStation Showcase, Sony unveiled new images of gameplay from the future Gran Turismo 7, while also confirming the March 2022 release date for him. To keep up with that revelation, they also published a new update on the PlayStation Blog, written by creator and producer and Polyphony Digital president Kazunori Yamauchi, where he provided many new details on the game.

Inside Gran Turismo 7’s Announced, players will start from the GT World Map, and Yamauchi said the trail will “go back to the roots of the GT Campaign experience.” He said: “The GT Campaign mode is also a place where players take their own unique journeys and gain real -life experience.”

The Livery Editor, first published in Gran Turismo Sports, it is also coming back, and improvements have been made to make it useful, convenient, and user -friendly. Something very new, however, is Scapes, which is a combination of methods that allow you to capture images of cars in the game with a wide range of decorating tools and options. “Scapes * allow you to have full control of images using HDR technology (if you have HDR display capability), special quality effects, and even visual effects,” explains Yamauchi . “You’ll be able to freely capture your car in photographs around 43 countries and more than 2,500 locations, and every time you capture it can be shared with others who have love and passion like are you.”

Meanwhile, Gran Turismo 7 he’s also bringing back some past tournaments, including things like Trial Mountain and the High-Speed ​​Ring. These tracks will be “high in detail to match the PS5 console’s power display, and add functionality to the configuration components.”

It’s okay, Yamauchi said Gran Turismo 7 is clearly designed as a ‘Game Collection Car’, rather than GT chronology of the past. “The in -game GT Cafe will“ host the player’s game in the world of GT, featuring a collection of cars that have a traditional feel from the past, time now and in the future. ” The more cars you get, the more you progress.

GT Auto is back with wheel shifts, wide width shifts, the addition of roll shifts, other aerodynamic features, car wash, engine oil shifts, and more. Add, GT7 Athletes will also be allowed to start with a shared car and then gradually rebuild their cars through adjustments on the engine, brakes, brakes, brakes, tires, and more.

In conclusion, new details on the timing / changes of climate change have also been analyzed. Re -comparing a large chunk of weather forecast data, we reconstructed the spaces / times of day for the distribution of small particles and the combined distributions of airborne particles in the air on the surface. the environment of the world, in an unusual way Great tourist “Written by Yamauchi.” The authenticity of the experiment was checked using Scapes HDR images, where we collected data for thousands of locations around the world. As a result, we have been successful in introducing realistic and complex images of maps and light changes for different times of day and climate. “

Gran Turismo 7 released for PS5 and PS4 on March 4, 2022.


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