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True to persistent rumors in recent months, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake has been officially announced. Developed by Aspyr Media, the game is going to be a full, classic remake of the beloved BioWare classic in 2003, and given the genealogy and legacy of that game, the developer has a lot to live up to. Following its announcement, more details of the remake are available in a PlayStation Blog a post written by lead producer Ryan Treadwell.

To start, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake is going to be the launch of a unique PS5 console. That probably means it will release for PC as well, and there’s no word yet on how long its PS5 loneliness will last.

Moving on to the game itself though, what kind of approach has Aspyr taken to the development of the remake? Treadwell writes: “We are rebuilding one of the greatest RPGs ever for a new generation with modern technology, features, images and more, while maintaining the integrity of the story and the characters we have come to cherish. “He later added that it was being rebuilt” from the ground up with the latest technology to match the innovative standard of innovation established by the original, all while staying true to it. ” w respectful story. ”

One question that many are likely to have is, of course, how Aspyr landed this project in the first place. They have been responsible for several Star Wars ports for modern systems in recent years, but have not developed anything close to being similar to Knights of the Old Republic – Repeat.

Treadwell ensures, however, that Aspyr Media has “assembled the very best talent from across the industry” and has a team that includes “industry veterans who have worked on great RPGs, as well as some members of the original Knights of the Old Republic development team. ”

And when exactly will the game be out? Treadwell says it’s “still at an early stage of development”, so it’s likely to be a good time.


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