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The PlayStation Showcase recently went live, bringing a lot of new and exciting promotions. With the constant onslaught of AAA ads, Tchia it’s seen as a cool feeling just about everything in a tropical climate. Check the pull down.

The draw shows the main character playing a ukulele, as well as communicating with and exploring the hot island. Tchia can use his Soul Jumping ability to control any creature, which should be great at entering hard-to-find areas. The game’s graphics and color scheme are integrated with the themes of the game, with game enthusiasts such as A Short Hike should be sure to check this out.

In addition to Tchia, the PlayStation Showcase showed huge-release popularity as it has now been confirmed God of War: Ragnarok, Amazing Wolverine, ma Uncharted: Legacy of the Collective Thieves for PC and PS5. Polyphony Digital’s latest Gran Turismo 7 also made an appearance, and opened the next year.


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